Start clean, stay clean and finish strong with Nufarm.

Achieve more with a portfolio of superior pre-emergent weed control products designed to help you get the most out of your soybeans. Nufarm has the solutions you need, whether you’re adding to glyphosate, managing resistance or looking for the right combination to tackle the toughest weeds. Because like you, we’re all in for higher performance, improved yields and a better bottom line.
Fierce EZ herbicide crops treated and weeds controlledValtera EZ herbicide crops treated and weeds controlled


It’s important to get weeds out of the way early in the season to maximize soybean yields. Nufarm has several excellent options to manage the challenges that you face.

Below is a chart highlighting some of the key weeds and what products work best for each situation in your soybean fields.


Growing IP soybeans can be challenging. With good planning and the right herbicide program, the rewards will pay off for the extra effort.

Here are a few tips to consider for producing a profitable IP soybean crop.
Tips to control weeds in IP soybeans

Nufarm has excellent options for managing a diverse group of weeds in IP soybeans. Below is a chart highlighting some of the key weeds and what products work best for each situation.

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Group 2, 5 & 14

Treatment for IP soybeans


TriActor EZ is the best pre-emergent herbicide for IP soybeans providing triple action on a wide range of grass and broadleaf weeds.



Group 14 & 15

treats wheat soybean corn

Soybeans | Wheat | Corn

Fierce EZ is a liquid pre-emergent residual herbicide that offers extended activity on emerging spring broadleaf and grassy weeds for soybeans and wheat.



Group 5 & 14

Bifecta for soybeans


Bifecta EZ provides strong pre-emergent residual control of the toughest broadleaf weeds in herbicide-tolerant soybeans.



Group 14


Soybeans | Wheat | Corn

Valtera EZ is a liquid pre-emergent residual herbicide that offers early season broadleaf weed control in soybeans, wheat and field corn. It knocks out troublesome weeds like Canada fleabane, common ragweed, waterhemp and many more.


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