A selective herbicide for the control of many broadleaved weeds in cereals and grassland.

A soluble concentrate containing 500 g/l (44.25% w/w) MCPA as the dimethylamine salt.


  • Control of some important broadleaved weeds including Charlock, Fat hen, Corn buttercup, Poppy and Volunteer oilseed rape
  • Top growth killed on a wide range of perennial weeds in grassland.
  • Can be used on established grassland and leys over one year old.
  • No following crop restrictions.
  • Useful tank-mixer especially in spring cereals
  • Non-ALS herbicide making AGRITOX a useful tool for resistance management of weeds such as Poppies
Crops Maximum Individual Dose Maximum Total Dose Latest Timing
Grassland 2.7 L/ha 5.4 L product/ha/year N/A
Grassland (seed crop) 2.7 L/ha 2.7 L product/ha/year 5 weeks before heading

Established Grassland and Grass seed crop

Susceptibility Weed species Timing


(Consistently good control of both roots and shoots)

Greater Plantain  
Ribwort Plantain  

Moderately Susceptible (Weeds suppressed and top-growth usually killed)


Buttercup, Meadow Treat in spring or early summer
Cat’s Ear  
Cress, Hoary  
Daisy, Common  
Hawkbit, Autumn  
Knapweed, Common  
Ragwort, Common Spray in spring when in rosette stage before flower spike starts to grow
Rush, Compact Spray in April to June. Cut and remove stems either four weeks before or after treatment.
Rush, Soft Treat as Compact Rush
Self Heal  
Thistle, Creeping Treat at early flower bud stage
Thistle, Spear  

Moderately Resistant

(Top growth only may be killed)


Buttercup, Bulbous Treat in autumn on new leaf or in spring
Buttercup, Creeping Treat in spring or early summer
Colt’s Foot  
Rush, Hard Treat as Compact Rush

Sorrel, Common


Sorrel, Sheep’s  
Thistle, Dwarf