Nufarm is excited to announce the launch and first commercial sales of Grandevo® WDG biological insecticide for the New Zealand agriculture market, containing a new unique biological active ingredient, Chromobacterium subtsugae strain PRAA4-1T.

Grandevo WDG will provide New Zealand horticultural growers with an excellent new biological & organic option to control mealybug in high value grape crops.

Grandevo WDG belongs to a non-classified diverse mode of action group which contains material of biological origin. It is derived from a naturally occurring bacterium, however does not contain any live bacteria making for a very safe and stable product.

The mode of action against insect pests is complex – generally via stomach poisoning but it may also have anti-feeding, repellency and reduced fecundity effects against target pests. Grandevo WDG is not systemic, therefore thorough coverage and appropriate adjuvants are essential to ensure effective pest control.

Grandevo WDG is BioGro® registered and approved by Sustainable Winegrowing NZ™ (SWNZ), allowing use in both organic and conventional growing systems from pre-flowering to bunch closure.

Grandevo is ideal for integrated pest management (IPM) programmes as it is soft on a wide range of beneficial insects and foraging honey bees. It is exempt from MRL’s and as such there is no requirement for a withholding period when used according to the label. There is no slaughter withholding period for sheep used for leaf plucking or grazing inter-rows.

Ongoing development work from Nufarm will also soon deliver additional registrations in more crops and on more pests as the label for this exciting product rapidly expands. 

Grandevo WDG has been developed for the New Zealand agricultural market in partnership with Marrone Bio Innovations, Inc. of California, USA

The active ingredient and the formulated product Grandevo WDG were developed by Marrone Bio Innovations, Inc.

Grandevo® is a registered trademark of Marrone Bio Innovations, Inc

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