By now most maize crops will be in the ground, with perhaps a few left to plant. When well manage these crops can be a great source of high yielding feed (or grain). Pre-Emergence options such as Roustabout 840, Primiera and Nutrazine 900DF make a significant contribution to crop yields when compare to post-emerge weed spraying (see page 6 of our Maize booklet).

In addition to moisture at sowing, seedbed preparation can have a big impact on pre-em control. We’ve also seen a big increase in demand for Primiera as growers with a longer history of maize look for something to deliver a strong result (compared to atrazine products) and also help with resistance management.

With an increase in strip or minimum tillage techniques in recent years, Jason has seen an increase in use of SlugOut to protect these paddocks from slug damage.

Jason Marriot – Territory Manager for West Waikato and King Country

Whilst ‘fresh ground’ that’s come out of long-term pasture doesn’t always need a post-emergence spray as often as long-term sites do, its important to walk these during establishment to inspect for pests and weeds.

Scouting crops during early establishment to monitor for cutworm helps maintain higher plant populations, cutworm is well controlled with Kaiso 50WG. A few weeks later it’s a good idea to inspect for a range of weeds Joe says. Latro WG is a great option for a range of grass weeds and several broadleaf weeds, whilst Primiera is a good option for broadleaf weeds and a few annual grasses. Other options such as Emblem Flo, Kamba 750, Archer 750, Sempra, and Kamba 750 can be helpful in a range of specialist situations and to support weed resistance programmes.

Joe Heng – Territory Manager for Northland and Auckland