Brushweeds if left unchecked can invade large tracks of productive land that farmers then loose to animal production. If you have a dense block its important to start with a strong plan and here is where Nufarm and our Retail Partners can help.

If you have a scattered block, keeping on top of this is important, leaving this for a few years means you can be back to square one again which certainly isn’t ideal.

The majority of brush weeds are best controlled during spring and summer during periods of active growth. Products commonly used to control weeds such as; Gorse, Broom and Blackberry etc. include, Conquest, Associate and Scrubcutter.

When spaying gorse, it’s extremely important to add a quality organosilicon penetrant such as Pulse Penetrant to your product(s) of choice to allow the herbicide to penetrate the gorse via its stomatal pores, failure to add a penetrant will result in a failed result.

In addition to steeling potentially valuable rolling country away from animal grazing, gorse can also have a significant impact on the environment. Research by a regional council in conjunction with SCION (LINK) which demonstrated medium to dense gorse stands can leach approximately 50kg/N/Yr, which can be more than a well-managed dairy farm.

Richard Bell – Territory Manger for Taranaki & Manawatu
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