The impact pastoral farming practices have on the environment means new ways of feeding animals have needed to be found to limit this, while still maintaining New Zealand’s competitive advantage in low cost, pastoral based systems. As a result, Plantain has become a popular forage crop for animal feed.

Plantain produces good dry matter production, particularly over dry summer periods as a high-quality source of forage in lamb finishing systems. With more recent work by Agricom™, the variety Ecotain® Environmental Plantain shows the positive impacts the plant can have on nitrogen leaching in dairy herds. This has further raised the importance of the plant in farming systems.


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Plantain can form a high quality portion of grazing animals’ diets in specialist crops sown alone, in combination with legume species such as red clover, or as part of a permanent pasture mix with grass and other pasture species. Nufarm now has the products you need to produce and maintain an effective Plantain crop.


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