Protective Personal Equipment (PPE) saves lives. With the sudden onset of the COVID-19 pandemic creating shortages of critical items to protect essential workers, we can all play a role in making sure our medical professionals and other essential workers have the supplies they need.

Our teams in Australia and North America quickly turned their manufacturing expertise to the challenge of making us more self-reliant for supply of sanitizer to protect our own workers and work places so we would not use precious resources that can be used elsewhere.

Our French operations have also donated disposable gowns and bottles for bulk disinfectant refill to the local hospital.

Alivia from our Safety team in Chicago Heights proudly displays the spray bottles of sanitzer that she’s been bottling and labelling for Nufarm employees. Excess bottles are being donated to local first responders in the Chicago area.


Our first batch of sanitizer from our Australian operations, ready for distribution to our sites around the country.


A donation of Nufarm bottles provided a quick solution for a local French hospital who needed a way to deal with bulk disinfectant refills.


Even a relatively small donation of the disposable gowns we had on hand has helped to make a difference to medical staff.