A history of growth

built on solid, established values

Our history

Today, we’re the dependable partner behind thousands of agricultural success stories. We find better ways to fight weeds and disease, increase crop yields and turn scientific breakthroughs into local solutions.

It all comes from who we are, our history and the values we’re built on – and from experience working with farmers and distributors.

So let’s take a step back over a 100 years.

That’s when a small group of enterprising New Zealanders realised their goal of establishing a business that would serve the needs of the farming community, help growers improve yields and provide an unparalleled level of customer service. The New Zealand Farmers’ Fertilizer (NZFF) Co Ltd was born – registered in 1916.

Fast forward 40 years and Max Fremder founded Nufarm in Melbourne, Australia. Travelling to farms around regional Victoria, Fremder started out selling phenoxy herbicides to local spray applicators. And it wasn’t long before he built a reputation for great customer service, strong relationships and dependable products. From the mid-1980s we joined forces with the New Zealand based Fernz Corporation (previously NZFF). Through the ‘90s and 2000s we rapidly expanded overseas and honed our formulas to better suit local conditions.

The last two decades has seen continued growth based on customer need. We’ve built a global crop protection company with operations in North America, Europe, New Zealand and Asia.

And while we’ve grown, all along, it’s been about the people. For years, working side by side with farmers, advisors and distributors, and the people that power our products behind the scenes – not just in the labs, but on the ground too.

Like our beginnings, it’s this more hands-on, personal approach that makes us who we are. That makes us the dependable partner.