As the 2021 season starts, we want to highlight why you can have confidence in our products.

Did you know each and every 20L, 110L drum and 1000L ‘shuttle’ product Nufarm Australia supplies goes through a stringent quality control (QC) process touching multiple steps of the manufacture process?

And did you know our 110L drums and 1000L ‘shuttles’ (IBCs) products are filled based on weight, and checked against specific gravity – a measure of density?

Prior to testing the product is cooled to 20 degrees to remove temperature effects on volume. IBC bladders can expand and contract leaving the external facing numerical markers inaccurate measures of true volume on Litres.

Here you can see an example of Nufarm Australia’s 2,4-D (Amicide Advance 700) and how the volume is confirmed in Litres through both our manufacturing process and QC checks.  The discrepancy of the IBC markers is clearly seen.

Batch sheet for Amicide Advance 700 at a density of 1.229 x 1000L = 1229Kgs. The QC Lab then confirmed that batch was a density of 1.229.


Once an IBC of the product is filled, the product is under the 1000L numerical marker from the supplier. Once the product is cooled, the level will slightly reduce further.


This IBC was then weighed at 1231Kgs, resulting in a total of 1001.6Litres. More than the 1000L however still under the supplier’s marker.


What does this mean for our customers?

Nufarm Australia is engaging with the IBC supplier to attempt to remove the numerical markers on the bladders to avoid confusion.

In the meantime, we recommend pumping into a measuring tank or using flow meters r to ensure accurate use and calculations of our products.

Want to find out more? Contact your local Nufarm Business Development Manager.