As Australian as you. As reliable as it is compatible. CRUCIAL is our local knockdown solution with unrivalled performance and registrations.

Get the most efficient gram for gram knockdown formulation, that’s as Australian as you. From its consistent fully loaded triple salt, triple surfactant, 600 load, through to its outstanding compatibility, this start of season one pass solution, is tailor-made for Australian conditions. Together with local Nufarm support, fast brownout of the toughest weeds every time is just a spray away.




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Nufarm’s CRUCIAL was more effective on the strong resistant ryegrass biotype

The combination of glyphosate salts and surfactant systems have a dramatic effect on how a glyphosate formulation performs in the field.

Weed control differences between formulations can be observed when they are applied under less than ideal conditions, such as stressed weeds or weeds that are developing herbicide resistance.

Dr Peter Boutsalis
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Having a product we can trust across such a wide variety of uses also makes it really simple for our growers.

We haven’t seen anything else that’s this fast and effective and that we can use across different so many different growing scenarios, with no worries about safety or crop damage.

There’s nothing else like it on the market, especially in the pre-emergent knockdown space.

John Fuelling, Dalby Rural

Nufarm CRUCIAL has a new look, with the same formulation you know and trust. Learn more about our grower-led improvements here.

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