If you’re growing corn and soybean in Eastern Canada, you’re likely depending on glyphosate and other chemistries for controlling an ever tougher lineup of weeds. As everyone is facing more multiple-resistant weeds, hardier weeds and a shrinking selection of herbicide options, you might be overlooking one of the easiest and most effective ways to battle weed issues.

“Applying herbicides in winter wheat and small grains might be one of your best weed control options this year,” says James Ferrier, Nufarm’s Technical Services Manager in Eastern Canada. “For many growers, the cereal rotation may be the only time they aren’t using glyphosate or triazene herbicides, and that’s an ideal way to target tough, resistant weeds with a different mode of action.”

Nufarm has a solid lineup of weed control solutions for winter wheat and small grains to target tough weeds.

  • Trophy® is #1 for vetch control with its unique mix of MCPA and fluroxypyr. This strong broadleaf herbicide is a go-to in wheat especially for troublesome weeds such as vetch, cleavers and hemp nettle.
  • Boost® M is #1 for chickweed control with excellent control on wild carrot too. Boost contains double the rate of MCPA of its competitors for sharper control on winter annuals and annual broadleaf weeds.
  • Estaprop® XT is #1 for dandelion control and provides a more concentrated form of dichlorprop that has long been considered the pinnacle of dandelion and tough perennial weed control in wheat.

“On my farm, we struggle to get good vetch control,” says Ferrier. “In the cereal rotation year, I can apply Trophy to knock back the vetch population for coming years. And Trophy controls all my other common cereal weed pests too.”

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