Collin Schultz has a lot of great reasons why Valtera deserves a spot in your fall weed control plans. He knows it’s the one product with exceptional residual activity to provide fall, spring and in-season weed control.

Schultz is a territory manager in West Central Saskatchewan with Nufarm Agriculture Inc., and he believes Valtera is “the next breakthrough in residual technology that is safe and highly effective.” So we asked him to give us the top four reasons growers should consider applying Valtera this fall in Western Canada.

  1. Valtera works. Seems obvious, but not when you consider the competition. Granular-based products just don’t provide the same level of control as Valtera, especially for spring flushes of kochia, mustards, volunteer canola and dandelion. Valtera cleans up fields in the fall and keeps working to provide up to 60% suppression of spring flushes of mustard and volunteer canola. “That’s something the competition can’t touch,” he says. “Add in suppression of spring germinating dandelion, and close to 100% suppression of the first six to eight weeks of kochia flushes in the spring, Valtera is tough to beat on control.”
  2. It’s convenient. Valtera is applied as a spray, compared to granular-based products. “Most growers own a sprayer to apply a product like Valtera,” says Schultz. But granular products are bulky and often require rented equipment to apply. “That adds time, money and fuel to your weed control costs…something Valtera doesn’t require.”
  3. Recropping freedom. “Valtera beats the other fall-applied products with a lot of recropping flexibility on the label,” says Schultz. Valtera is approved for use in peas, soybeans, chickpeas, spring wheat and corn. And Valtera’s strong label is only going to expand, with research being done on other pulse crops.
  4. Value for money. The math is pretty simple with Valtera. It’s cheaper and it works better. “At $15.70/acre, Valtera is significantly less than dry broadcast products that can run up to $26/acre, for less control.”

Start thinking about next year’s crop, and the options to clean up your fields this fall with weed control that will keep working through spring.

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Valtera is a trademark of Valent U.S.A. Corporation.