[Calgary, AB] – Nufarm is excited to introduce new all-in-one liquid formulations of TriActor® and Bifecta® pre-emergent herbicides to their soybean portfolio for the 2023 growing season. Liquid TriActor and Bifecta are joining the easy-to-use portfolio with Fierce EZ and Valtera EZ providing farmers in Ontario and Quebec with simple, convenient weed control options in identity preserved (IP), conventional and herbicide-tolerant soybeans.

Both TriActor EZ and Bifecta EZ will treat 40 acres per case. And, in addition to being more convenient to mix in the sprayer, farmers are also commenting on top notch residual weed control.

TriActor EZ is the best pre-emergent herbicide for identity preserved (IP) soybeans, providing up to eight weeks of residual weed control on a wide range of broadleaf and grass weeds. The product features three modes of action to control hard-to-kill weeds including Group 2-, 5-, and glyphosate-resistant biotypes.

Bob Van Damme, Manager of Robson Farms near Sombra, Ontario applied TriActor EZ on his IP beans and was very happy with the results. “We grow IP beans and need to have a selective herbicide so we use TriActor.” said Van Damme. “The other products we tried spraying with over the years never gave the results we’re seeing now. I can’t believe how clean the fields are.”

Bifecta EZ delivers up to five weeks of residual control on stubborn broadleaf weeds like Canada fleabane and pigweeds, while providing suppression on grasses. With two active ingredients (Group 5, 14), it’s an excellent pre-emergent herbicide for herbicide-tolerant and conventional soybeans.

Bifecta EZ and TriActor EZ will be available through local ag retailers for the 2023 growing season.

For more information visit nufarm.ca/soybeans or the Nufarm YouTube channel to see customer testimonials on TriActor EZ and Bifecta EZ.


Zach Rogers, Nufarm Agriculture Inc.
Marketing & Communications Manager
E:  [email protected]
M:  403-804-4420