After a relatively mild winter and start to the spring, we are seeing plenty of slugs this season. If your direct drilling new pasture then SlugOut still remains one of the best baits out there, delivering the best baiting points per m2, along with a range of other benefits which are included in our updated SlugOut Brochure.

Nearly all new pasture spraying fits into one of two categories; either a pre-grazing spray or post-graze spray. In each situation, knowing what species are present is essential when selecting the appropriate product(s), this is important for both the weed spectrum and the desired species selectivity required.

A few tips to maximise results in pre-graze spraying are, make sure weeds are small seedlings, clover has two trifoliate leaves and there is at least 70% ground cover. We have a wide range of options for spraying at this stage which include; Tribal Gold, Thistrol Plus, Valdo 800WG, Debut, Dictate 480 and Bonza Gold depending on your pasture species and weeds present.

Post graze spraying generally requires a bit more ‘horsepower’, as weeds are often larger says Paul. To get the best result here the clover leaves to be grazed prior to application. Most of the time this is with a Baton 800WSG   and Valdo 800WG combination with Bonza Gold.

With the investment in a new pasture programme it’s important to minimise weeds as they can significantly impact a new pastures performance over the coming years. Keep an eye out for a new “Grassmanship App” we have coming later this year.

Paul Bridgman – Territory Manger for Southland
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