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All-in-one pre-seed burndown.

Hard-rockin’ CONQUER herbicide is back and better than ever – with an encore performance ahead of seeding canola. Introducing CONQUER II.

It’s the simple ALL-IN-ONE, KILL-EM’-ALL pre-seed burndown that glyphosate alone can’t beat on tough weed.

Apply in spring, prior to seeding and give your crops a head start on troublesome weeds like Kochia and more.

2 active ingredients, 2 modes of action, 1 convenient formulation. 

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Nufarm has partnered with Bayer in the BayerValue Mix It Up grower rewards program. BlackHawk, CONQUER II, GoldWing, Fierce, and Valtera are all excellent tank-mix options with glyphosate for pre-seed burndown or pre-emergent weed control.

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