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Get ahead of spring weeds this fall by applying Valtera EZ or Fierce.

Are you planning on seeding pulses, wheat or soybeans next spring? Do you have challenges with problem weeds like kochia, chickweed, lamb’s quarters, sow-thistle, volunteer canola and more?

Valtera EZ and Fierce are pre-emergent soil active herbicides that can be applied to your fields this fall just before freeze up. In the spring, the herbicides will activate with moisture to provide up to eight weeks extended weed control.

These products will help get a jump on weeds before they even have a chance to challenge your crop. And, then you can brag about your fall-applied, spring weed control!

Learn more by clicking the link below and while your at it, sign up for a chance to win 160 acres of Valtera EZ.

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Nufarm has partnered with Bayer in the BayerValue Mix It Up grower rewards program. BlackHawk, CONQUER II, GoldWing, Fierce, and Valtera are all excellent tank-mix options with glyphosate for pre-seed burndown or pre-emergent weed control.

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