Nufarm Premium Herbicide Solutions Reduce the Pressure of Callbacks

Explore the real dollar cost when customers call back for a follow-up service when the first visit did not address the issue, namely visible weed control.

When using premium herbicide solutions offered by Nufarm, these companies have confidence in these herbicides’ performance in their ability to provide greater, more consistent and reliable control, avoiding the significant follow-up service cost.

The Real Cost of Callbacks to Lawn Care Companies

Bill Wivagg with Premiere Lawn Care based in Pittsburgh, PA, discusses the cost of callbacks for lawn and landscape operators, and how using quality, trusted and well-established inputs allow companies do it right the first time and reduce those costs.

Profitable Businesses Retain Customers

For Elton Rehal with Weed Man in Pittsburg and Toledo, PA, understanding the cost of a callback is critical to a successful, profitable business that retains customers. Using quality inputs that ensure the job is done right the first time, means the business avoids reapplication costs and dissatisfied customers.

Quality, Trusted Inputs Reduce Costs

For Bill with Premiere Lawn Care, using quality, trusted and well-established inputs – such as herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides – helps him ensure he gets it done right the first time for his customers, saving his business on callback costs.

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