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Virtual Learning Series

Greenhouse Mite Control Strategies

Nufarm US Ornamental Segment Lead Heidi Warner shares solutions to mite management challenges, timing, and strategies for greenhouse nurseries.

Insect Growth Regulator Control

Learn about Distance Insect Growth Regulator (IGR) from Nufarm, designed to control whiteflies, fungus gnats, scales and other insects by preventing eggs, larvae and pupae from maturing into adults.

Mealybug Management

Learn about Mealybug identification and management best practices, along with well established solutions.

Fungus Gnats and Shore Flies BMPs

In this Virtual Learning Webinar from Nufarm, you will learn about their fungus gnats and shore flies management strategies.

Hydroponic Systems & Pest Management

In this Nufarm Virtual Learning, Nufarm Ornamental Account Manager Jim Crockett covers the common commercial hydroponic systems and integrated pest management practices.

Chrysanthemum Production Issues and Solutions

This virtual learning video focuses on the issues and solutions for Chrysanthemum production, presented by Nufarm Ornamental Segment Lead Lead Heidi Warner. 

Naturalized Areas Webinar

Combine Beauty and Savings with Naturalized Areas

Nufarm technical services manager Aaron Hathaway presents solutions for saving time and money, and adding beauty to your course, using naturalized areas.

Sure Power Herbicide in Cool Season Turf

Sure Power® Herbicide in Cool Season Turf

Technical services director Jason Fausey describes when, where, and why to apply Nufarm’s Sure Power® Herbicide for the best control of ground ivy, wild violets, and other weeds in cool season turf.

Anuew PGR and Seedhead Suppression

Anuew™ PGR for Seedhead Suppression

Nufarm technical services manager Aaron Hathaway presents the newest solutions for seedheads with Nufarm’s Anuew™ PGR.

Anuew PGR in Cool Season Golf Turf

Save Labor and Cost with Anuew™ PGR in Cool Season Golf Turf

Learn how Nufarm’s Anuew™ PGR can save labor and chemical costs in cool season golf turf, presented by technical services manager Aaron Hathaway.

Anuew PGR and Growing Degree Days

Anuew™ PGR and Growing Degree Days

Learn how to get the most out Anuew™ PGR by utilizing Growing Degree Day models with Nufarm technical services manager Aaron Hathaway.

Premium Weed Control for Sedges and Kyllinga

Premium Weed Control for Sedges and Kyllinga

In this short webinar, Nufarm’s technical services director Dr. Jason Fausey, explains how to achieve premium weed control for difficult-to-control sedges, including kyllinga.

Community Involvement


Green Care For Troops


Superintendent Solution
Fairy Ring & Dollar Spot Control

Hear how Paul Jamrog, Golf Course Superintendent for Metacomet Country Club in East Providence, Rhode Island, has solved for Fairy Ring and Dollar Spot control on his golf course, using Tourney® Fungicide.

Tartan Talks: Hail to the Chief!

New American Society of Golf Course Architects President Jeff Blume discusses managing stormwater and makes a plea for promoting the economic benefits of golf to the masses

What landscapers need to know about consumer laws

In this Lawn and Landscape podcast, Dan Baron, attorney-at-law at Baron Law LLC, shares information on consumer laws that impact landscape contractors. He also shares tips on what should be included in contracts for residential work.

Making the leap: from superintendent to sales

In this Superintendent Radio Network podcast, Kevin Hicks discusses the transition from golf course superintendent to a position in agronomy and sales, including how superintendent skills can be applied to other turf-related jobs and a look at some of the differences and similarities between roles.