Virtual Learning Series

Greenhouse Mite Control Strategies

Nufarm US Ornamental Segment Lead Heidi Warner shares solutions to mite management challenges, timing, and strategies for greenhouse nurseries.

Insect Growth Regulator Control

Learn about Distance Insect Growth Regulator (IGR) from Nufarm, designed to control whiteflies, fungus gnats, scales and other insects by preventing eggs, larvae and pupae from maturing into adults.

Mealybug Management

Learn about Mealybug identification and management best practices, along with well established solutions.

Naturalized Areas Webinar

Combine Beauty and Savings with Naturalized Areas

Nufarm technical services manager Aaron Hathaway presents solutions for saving time and money, and adding beauty to your course, using naturalized areas.

Sure Power Herbicide in Cool Season Turf

Sure Power® Herbicide in Cool Season Turf

Technical services director Jason Fausey describes when, where, and why to apply Nufarm’s Sure Power® Herbicide for the best control of ground ivy, wild violets, and other weeds in cool season turf.

Anuew PGR and Seedhead Suppression

Anuew™ PGR for Seedhead Suppression

Nufarm technical services manager Aaron Hathaway presents the newest solutions for seedheads with Nufarm’s Anuew™ PGR.

Anuew PGR in Cool Season Golf Turf

Save Labor and Cost with Anuew™ PGR in Cool Season Golf Turf

Learn how Nufarm’s Anuew™ PGR can save labor and chemical costs in cool season golf turf, presented by technical services manager Aaron Hathaway.

Anuew PGR and Growing Degree Days

Anuew™ PGR and Growing Degree Days

Learn how to get the most out Anuew™ PGR by utilizing Growing Degree Day models with Nufarm technical services manager Aaron Hathaway.

Premium Weed Control for Sedges and Kyllinga

Premium Weed Control for Sedges and Kyllinga

In this short webinar, Nufarm’s technical services director Dr. Jason Fausey, explains how to achieve premium weed control for difficult-to-control sedges, including kyllinga.

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Fact Sheets

Get the Facts on Combatting Snow Mold

See how one late-season application can help you get tough on snow mold.

Arena® Fall Curative Grub Control Fact Sheet

Arena® Insecticide delivers superior curative control of white grubs. Arena does not need to be immediately watered-in, saving you time and labor. And with its superior residual activity, Arena brings peace of mind.

Arena Insecticide: Early Instar Grub fact sheet

Arena® Insecticide provides the longest residual control of white grubs and maximum application flexibility when
applied anytime from June 1st to July 15th at the new rate of 4.5 oz/A of Arena 50 WDG.

Arena Insecticide: Superior Grub Control Fact Sheet

Arena® Insecticide delivers superior curative control of white grubs when applied August through October and also when applied in the Spring – even if skunks and raccoons are damaging your turf.

Change Up™ and Manor® Fact Sheet

Change Up™ and Manor® Fact Sheet

When it comes to Virginia buttonweed, Change Up™ and Manor® are separately fair-to-good performers. However, the combination of their respective phenoxy and sulfonylurea chemical classes in a tank mix produce excellent results. When you need performance, count on the Change Up + Manor combo.

Poinsettia Early Disease Control

Best Management Practices

Insect Pollinators and Pesticide Product Stewardship


Helpful Tips & Articles

What are Premium Herbicides?

When it comes to weed control, the best chance for success starts with the right solution.

Anuew Q&A

Click here to learn more about how you can improve your program with Anuew™ PGR.



Traction Q&A

Click here to learn how you can improve your program with Traction™ Fungicide.

Guidance for overwintering container grown ornamentals

Maintaining stable conditions while overwintering container grown plants can be a challenge. To help, the University of Massachusetts-Amherst has developed guidance for overwintering these plants.

A nice summary of the guidance with commentary is available from Nursery Management In addition to discussing various systems for covering plants, guidance is provided for specific temperatures and individual species. 

The GreenKeeper app: A decision-support tool for turfgrass pros

Greenkeeper is an essential decision – support tool designed exclusively for turfgrass professionals by the Turf Program at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln. Key features include: Product applications log; Pest reports; Product tracking; Weather and more in desktop and mobile friendly forms. Nufarm is a proud sponsor of the free app.

Nufarm Makes Game-Changing Investment in GreenCare for Troops

Nufarm has made a $150,000 contribution that will help sustain and expand the award-winning initiative’s service to military families and disabled veterans.

Press Releases

Nufarm introduces Engulf™ GHN, expanding mite control program options for greenhouse and nursery growers

Morrisville, N.C. (January 27, 2021) – Nufarm Americas announced the EPA registration of Engulf™ GHN Greenhouse and Ornamental Miticide, a new miticide labeled for greenhouse and shadehouse ornamental crops, greenhouse tomatoes, and Christmas tree and conifer plantations and nurseries. Engulf GHN is pending state registrations.

Nufarm Announces Plans for GIS Virtual 2021

Morrisville, NC (December 15, 2020) – Nufarm announces plans for the 2021 Golf Industry Show, held virtually February 2-4, 2021. The Nufarm booth will feature Premium Herbicide Solutions, new information and data on Anuew™ Plant Growth Regulator, and a Naturalized Areas Program, highlighting the advantages of herbicides such as Sure Power®, Millennium Ultra™, and SureGuard® SC in effective naturalized area maintenance.

Nufarm Edge Rewards Program Boosts Profit Potential in 2021

Raleigh, N.C. (September 11, 2020) – Nufarm announces the launch of its 2021 Nufarm Edge Rewards Program, an early order opportunity offering turf and ornamental professionals the best way to save on popular Nufarm brands during the upcoming season. Nufarm is a leading provider of high-performing plant growth regulators, herbicides, fungicides and insecticides. Golf course superintendents, lawn care operators, and greenhouse and nursery growers earn top savings on these proven solutions by participating in Nufarm Edge Rewards during two order periods.

Nufarm Receives EPA Registration for Traction™ Fungicide with New Dual-Active Fluazinam and Tebuconazole


Alsip, Illinois (February 05, 2018) – Nufarm Americas announced it has been granted federal EPA registration for Traction™ fungicide based on the novel combination of FRAC 29 and FRAC 3 active ingredients, Fluazinam and Tebuconazole. Traction fungicide will provide a new management tool for disease control and resistance management in cool- and warm-season golf course turf.

“This proprietary combination provides fast and exceptional disease control on a wide range of foliar diseases,” said Jason Fausey, Nufarm Turf & Ornamentals Technical Services Director. “This product will be a real asset to golf courses especially in hot, humid, summertime conditions.”

US EPA Accepts Anuew Label Updates

The US EPA has recently reviewed and accepted a major label improvement initiative for the Anuew brand turf plant growth regulator. This action includes major revisions to the directions for use table and focuses on research-driven information to improve turf growth and quality management, in particular, expanding turf species, refining use rates, and refining application intervals using a Growing Degree Modeling [GDD] system.


VGM Club, Nufarm team up for rebate program

VGM Club and Nufarm Americas, Inc. have teamed up to offer turf management products to superintendents nationwide.


Finding balance between work and life: is that possible?

In April, Lawn & Landscape talked to several spouses in the landscaping industry on how to achieve work-life balance. Rich Arlington, CEO of Arlington Lawn Care, and his wife of 24 years Crystal Arlington, CEO of Affiliated Grounds Maintenance Group, expand on that topic. Both CEOs share their tips for achieving work-life balance.

Tartan Talks: Hail to the Chief!

New American Society of Golf Course Architects President Jeff Blume discusses managing stormwater and makes a plea for promoting the economic benefits of golf to the masses

What landscapers need to know about consumer laws

In this Lawn and Landscape podcast, Dan Baron, attorney-at-law at Baron Law LLC, shares information on consumer laws that impact landscape contractors. He also shares tips on what should be included in contracts for residential work.

Making the leap: from superintendent to sales

In this Superintendent Radio Network podcast, Kevin Hicks discusses the transition from golf course superintendent to a position in agronomy and sales, including how superintendent skills can be applied to other turf-related jobs and a look at some of the differences and similarities between roles.