Get ahead of weeds while Bermudagrass is dormant to prepare your course – and your budget – for a strong spring start. Nufarm offers solutions that tackle troublesome weeds, such as Poa and goosegrass, in unique HRAC classes that work to halt resistance too.

Solution Spotlight: Double Down with Cheetah Pro + SureGuard SC


Save time and labor with Cheetah® Pro + SureGuard® SC. This non-selective and residual tankmix delivers 6 months of weed knockdown including lasting Poa control without delaying Bermudagrass green-up come spring.

Reliable Poa Control // 27 DAT

Long Control = Pure Bermuda Stand // 54 DAT

Cheetah® Pro 82 fl oz + SureGuard SC 10 fl oz. Applied February 13, 2020. AMS + NIS included. East Tennessee AgResearch and Education Center.

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