“The use of selective new pastures herbicides are an important, but sometimes overlooked part of the pasture renewal process says Micheal Bennet, newly appointed Territory Manager for South Otago and Southland.  It is important to allow grass, clover and other sown species to establish well. Farmers make significant investments in their new pastures when you add up the paddock cultivation, drilling and proprietary seed the weed control portion is a relatively small investment he says.

There are quite a few options to take broadleaf weeds out of a newly sown pasture but there are a few things to check before you pull the sprayer out of the shed.  Pasture composition is quite important to know before looking to spray, as the species mix sown will have an impact on what products are available to use without causing compromise to pasture.  The more complex the pasture components, the more of a challenge it is to take weeds out.  Simple grass and clover pastures leave a good range of options to deal with weeds, however companion species within pasture swards is growing in popularity.

Tribal Gold is an excellent option for controlling most broadleaf weeds within new pastures that don’t contain plantain or chicory.  Tribal Gold offers control over a range of weeds that might slip through the cracks of a simple Thistrol Plus or Valdo program. 

Nufarm recently registered Dictate specifically for pastures contain plantain. This gives an option to control a range of weeds which was very restrictive historically. 

If the pasture is sown with chicory, then Valdo is a very cost effective option to take out a range of weeds. It’s important to use Bonza Gold where its registered, with products such as Tribal Gold or Valdo, as we’ve tested both its efficacy and safety in these situations.

For more information on the benefits and techniques to get the best results from new pasture spraying you can check out our crop guide booklets.

New Pasture Guide
Plantain Guide



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