Morrisville, NC (May 5, 2023) – Nufarm Range and Pasture Solutions is pleased to announce the recipients of scholarships awarded in the 2023 Grassmanship Scholarship Program, including one $5,000 and four $1,000 scholarships provided to current and incoming college agriculture students.

While there were hundreds of applicants with a passion for agriculture, these selected students truly embody the concept of Grassmanship through plans, aspirations and innovative ideas that will positively impact tomorrow’s land management practices. Nufarm recognizes the importance of investing in students who will contribute to the sustainability and success of agriculture for years to come.

“It’s been an immense pleasure to oversee this project again this year. We received more than 200 applicants for the Scholarships”, said Chris Bowley, Customer and Brand Marketing Manager with Nufarm” and, once again, the quality and maturity of the applicants made it challenging to select the finalists and recipients of the five scholarships. It is so encouraging to witness the high degree of intelligence, enthusiasm, and sustainability awareness in today’s young Agricultural degree students. It’s a clear indication that the future of US rangeland and pasture management is in excellent hands.”

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Logan Elliott

Logan lives in Missouri and attends Kansas State University. With plans to graduate in 2024, Logan is studying Animal Sciences and Industry.



Weston Brooks

Weston lives in Texas and plans to attend Oklahoma State University. With plans to graduate in 2027, Weston will be studying Animal Science Production.

Carmen Kuiper

Carmen lives in Texas and will join the sophomore class at Oklahoma State University in the fall. With plans to graduate in 2027, Carmen will be studying Animal Science with a focus on Production.

Kassidy Langley

Kassidy lives in Texas and attends West Texas A&M University. With plans to graduate in 2025, Kassidy studies Agricultural Education.

Katrina Tucker

Katrina lives in Michigan and attends Kansas State University. With plans to graduate in 2024, Katrina is studying Animal Science.


Nufarm’s Range & Pasture segment offers proven herbicide solutions to protect and improve range and pasture quality from the threat of land diminishment caused by invasive weeds. This stewardship approach, in combination with other land management practices, is part of what Nufarm calls Grassmanship™.