Nufarm offers a wide range of proven portfolio solutions to protect your cereal crop from seed treatment to crop maturity. Seed treatment leaders such as Sativa IMF Sembolite, Sativa IM RTU and Salient TMI get your stand off to a strong start by controlling key insects and diseases. Top performing herbicides such as the Maestro brands (Maestro Advanced, Maestro 2EC, Maestro 4EC, Maestro D, Maestro MA) Cleansweep M and Rapport BroadSpec help your crop fight against yield threatening weeds.

Solution Spotlight: BurnMaster

BurnMaster™ delivers excellent control of more than 65 broadleaf weeds, including herbicide resistant species like kochia, pigweed and marestail. Designed for optimal performance – even in cool weather – BurnMaster is the ideal choice for fall and early spring burndown programs. Plus, it’s labeled for use ahead of almost any crop.

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