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Volume 1

Considerations of supply alternatives. Practical steps to navigate this season’s supply landscape.

Volume 2

What is causing the current supply situation? Learn about the reasons behind the escalating supply crunch.

Volume 3

Using the right tank mix can stretch the herbicides you have on hand and give your crops a clean start – even with limited glyphosate and glufosinate.

Volume 4

Explore the major factors that contribute to the current supply challenges being witnessed in multiple industries, including crop protection products.

Volume 5

Recommending residual herbicides has become the agronomic equivalent of recommending a healthy diet and exercise. See the role residual herbicides play in early-season weed control.

Volume 6

Explore some of the multiple articles and commentaries published that provide guidance related to handling herbicide shortages being experienced this year.

Volume 7

Read through a chronology of some of the events that have led to the supply issues experienced over the past few months.

Volume 8

Look at of some of the events that may be putting the world’s food supply at risk and how supply challenges impact outputs as well as inputs.

Volume 9

Review industry trends that can be used to predict future events.

Volume 10

Explore ideas concerning planning for the 2023 crop year.

Virtual Learning Series

Cotton Plant Growth Regulators Image

Cotton Plant Growth Regulators – An Overview

This webinar describes some of the processes and products involved in regulating cotton plant development.

Fall Burndown and Residual Programs

Fall Burndown and Residual

Controlling weeds after harvest in the Fall goes a long way towards reducing the seed bank that will germinate next Spring. This webinar describes some guidelines and recommendations for post-harvest herbicide programs.

Managing Italian Ryegrass on Roadsides with Piper Herbicide

Roadsides in the Southeast are battling ALS and glyphosate resistant Italian Ryegrass. Learn how Piper’s dual mode of action tackles this species and allows for desirable grasses to flourish.

Manage Your Bareground Sites with Piper

Hear from Dr. Dan Beran, Technical Services Director and Jon Storr, Territory Sales Manager as they show why Piper is a key innovation for maintaining bareground sites.

Managing Weeds in Orchards and Vineyards

Managing Weeds in Orchards & Vineyards
Learn about Nufarm’s total weed control package for specialty crops. Review data from cooperators, tactics for managing resistant weeds, and getting the most from your herbicide program from Dr. Dan Beran

The History and Science Behind Copper

Dr. Bob Bruss, Nufarm’s US Director of Field Research & Development, reviews the history, science, and unique characteristics of copper fungicide.

Agronomic Insights

Manage Grass As A Crop For Long-Term Benefits

Cattle producers have several different factors to consider when making decisions on how to manage their pastures.

How Herbicides Are Built Can Make All The Difference

In the realm of weed management, the scenario we observed moving into the 2020 season was wrought with challenges.

Cleaning the slate for 2021 planting

As we transition into the 2021 planting season, it’s a good time to review and remind ourselves about herbicide options available for preplant field preparation and, in particular, weed burndown products.

Timing Considerations for Range & Pasture Inputs

Much like the crops in our fields, when invasive pasture weeds become established three things are certain: They are going to spread over time, their ability to outcompete desired grass will increase and they will become harder to control.

Product Guides

Crop Product Guide

Seed Treatment Product Guide

Vegetation Management Product Guide

California Crop Product Guide

Range, Pasture & Aquatic Product Guide

Vineyard Product Guide

Potatoes Solution Guide

Tree Nut Solution Guide

Organics Product Guide

Comprehensive Copper Line-up

Bacterial Solution Guide

Citrus Solution Guide

Cotton Solution Guide

Helpful Articles, Videos, and Tips

Burndown Decision Guide

Our burndown decision guide provides you options for tackling specific weed challenges with >90% control at 56DAT

Getting the most out of your copper fungicide

Nufarm’s Bob Bruss shares the science behind why copper fungicides work and how to incorporate them for maximum performance in your specialty crops.

How Phostrol® protects your tuber crops

 Panther Pro Burndown Trials Recap Presentation

View the Panther Pro Burndown Trial recap presentation from Matt Secrest, Senior Formulation Chemist, Nufarm Americas.

Product Comparison Guide: Selective and Non-Selective Herbicides

See how Nufarm’s herbicides stack up in the Product Comparison Guide for selective and non-selective herbicides.

Product Comparison Guide: PGR’s

See how Nufarm products compare in the Plant Growth Regulator comparison guide.

Prevented Planting Weed Management

2021 Recommendations

Panther® SC: Gain Residual Weed Control and Manage Resistance

Gain powerful residual weed control and manage resistance ahead of many crops with Panther® SC selective herbicide. Nufarm’s Dan Beran talks about preplant flexibility, easy-mix features, and more.

Panther® Pro: Manage Resistance with an Easy-To-Use Liquid Formulation

Pack a triple punch against difficult-to-control weeds, including resistant species, with Panther® Pro selective herbicide. Dan Beran, Nufarm Technical Director, explains how Panther Pro tackles residual, resistance, and grass control issues in one solution.

Credit® Xtreme: Experience Better Uptake with Dual Salt Technology™

Increase tank-mix flexibility and handling ease with Credit® Xtreme non-selective herbicide. Nufarm’s Dan Beran explains the benefits of its patented Dual Salt Technology™, including quicker uptake and rainfastness.

Gin Out™: Increase Cotton Yields and Ease of Harvest

Designed to minimize excessive plant growth and optimize boll development, Nufarm tech expert Dan Beran shares how Gin Out™ plant growth regulator helps grow yields and ease-of-harvest.

Weed Management in Corn: Application Timing

We’ve created a chart to help you with application timing decisions for managing weeds in corn.

Weed Management in Soybeans: Application Timing

We’ve created a chart to help you with application timing decisions for managing weeds in soybeans.

Herbicide Products for Troublesome Weeds

Solutions to control numerous herbicide-resistant/tolerant and troublesome weed species in a variety of crops – including commodity, produce and specialty – regardless of stage in growing season.

 Sativa Seed Treatment premixes for cereals

Protect your crop, and your profits, with the Sativa® solution that fits your needs.

Spirato® Seed Treatment Premixes For Soybeans

Protect your crop, and your profits, with the Spirato® solution that fits your needs. Spirato seed treatments are available in multiple unique, ready-to-use combinations – select from fungicide or insecticide options.

Cereal Seed Treatment Comparison Chart

Nufarm is a global leader in seed treatment with more than 35 years of product formulation expertise. We offer a wide range of treatment options that provide solutions to today’s most challenging applications.

Custom Blends For Cereals 

Nufarm’s custom blend for cereal crops will improve your choices in seed treatment products while keeping your choice selection simple. Nufarm offers the following product selection to control those pests that can result in substantial losses in crop production.

Custom Blends For Soybeans and Pulse Crops

Nufarm’s custom blend for legume crops (i.e. soybean and pulse crops) improves your choices in seed treatment products while keeping your choice selection simple. Nufarm offers the following product selection to control those pests that can result in substantial losses in crop production.

Weed Control Experts on Residual Herbicides

Dr. Bill Johnson with Purdue University and Dr. Mike Owen with Iowa State University discussed why residual herbicides are important for controlling tough resistant weeds during a recent CropLife® webinar, sponsored by Nufarm. To hear more of their discussion, view the full webinar on-demand at this website.

University Recommendations for Controlling Herbicide-Resistant Weeds

Dr. Bill Johnson with Purdue University shared his recommendations for controlling tough resistant weeds during a recent CropLife® webinar, sponsored by Nufarm. To hear more of the discussion with Dr. Johnson and Dr. Mike Owen from Iowa State University, view the full webinar on-demand at this website.

Additional Resources

Another home for labels, MSDS and other useful industry information

Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI)
For a list of Nufarm’s organically approved products

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