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Tom Kroll

Tom Kroll, CPP Technical Services (312) 301-1973 | [email protected]

Tom Kroll received a BS in biology at the University of Wisconsin–Eau Claire and completed his MS and Doctorate in Plant Pathology at Virginia Tech. Tom worked for Bayer CropScience for 19 years, with an initial emphasis on the development of fungicides and insecticides, a latter emphasis on marketing insecticides, and eventual responsibilities in sales management. Tom subsequently worked for Arysta LifeSciences for 5 years in product management and marketing and over the last 10 years for Nufarm with an emphasis in product management and technical support. During his tenure, Tom has been involved in an array of markets including forestry, turf, ornamentals, pome fruit, grapes, vegetables, potatoes, cereals, and soybeans. About half of Tom’s career has been directed towards seed treatments. Tom has been responsible for the development of products with Bayer and, as their Director of Seed Treatments, in coordinating efforts between Bayer and Gustafson. More recently he has been responsible for the establishment and support of the Nufarm seed treatment portfolio.