Cotton Solutions

Nufarm offers a wide range of proven portfolio solutions to protect your cotton crop. Top performing herbicides such as WeedMaster, Credit Xtreme, Panther SC and Cheetah help to get, and keep, fields clean of weeds. Leading seed treatments like Trunemco get your stand off to a strong start. Growth regulators like Super Boll, Mepex and Gin Out help with managing the development of your crop. Harvest aids like FreeFall SC, Terminate, Cut Out, CottonQuik and Terminate help you finish clean. Plus, insecticides Abamex and Nuprid 4F Max provide protection from damaging insect and mite pests.

Solution Spotlight: Goal 2XL

Goal 2XL gives you “extra long” control, up to 8 months, on dozens of broadleaf weeds and grasses, making it a proven winner in your residual herbicide program. Goal 2XL works by delivering both contact pre- and post-emergence control. It controls actively growing weeds and also forms a soil barrier to block the establishment of emerging weeds in grapes for an extended period of time.

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