Nufarm recognizes your commitment to producing high quality beef. One key step is assuring high-quality range and pasture productivity. Now more than ever, better grass can equate to lower production cost per head and higher profits. When you take the steps to make your grass the best it can be – that’s Grassmanship. Our Grassmanship program provides best practices and product solutions to help you manage range, pasture, and premises for sustainability and profit. Nufarm applauds your dedication to quality grassland that makes a true difference to the land and your cattle.


The Nufarm Grassmanship program has been designed to provide you with information on management practices that will help your farm’s long-term productivity and profitability. It outlines grassland renewal programs and provides advice on “best choice” products for the most commonly occurring weed and pest problems and how to maximize the productivity of your grass.


WORK A PLAN: Develop a plan that addresses underperforming grass assets

SOIL TEST: Test in the fall to understand and address fertility needs

FERTILIZE: Fertilize using a range of alternatives to increase production

MOW PASTURE: Mow (regularly if feasible) to increase density and quality

ROTATE GRAZING: Rotate following a diligent paddock or pasture use plan

RENOVATE PASTURE: Renovate by planting to improve stand density

REDUCE WEEDS: Apply the right herbicide at the right time when needed

Good Grass Matters

Weeds and pests in pasture compete for space, light, soil moisture, soil nutrients and reduce pasture productivity resulting in poor quality pasture. The purer the stand of high quality grassland, the better your productivity. This is why it is important to have a well-planned grassland management program which is reviewed continuously.