The latest member of the Credit Glyphosate Family

Credit® glyphosate brands, manufactured by Nufarm, have been recognized for their high quality and reliability for many years. Now we are pleased to bring to market the latest Credit Brand Family member, Credit K6. Similar to Roundup PowerMax®, Credit K6 is a potassium salt (“K-Salt”) glyphosate, with a high load of active ingredient (5.5 lbs per gallon of active ingredient, equivalent to 4.5 lbs per gallon of glyphosate acid). Credit K6 has excellent formulation stability, and very low viscosity, meaning that it flows easily and doesn’t put transfer pumps under stress, even at low temperatures. To round out the superior features of Credit K6, it is approved as a tank mix partner for Enlist One®, Engenia®, Tavium®, and Xtendimax®.



  • High load, potassium glyphosate product
  • High load of active ingredient
  • Non-selective herbicide
  • Can be tank mixed with Engenia, Xtendimax, and Tavium
  • Excellent formulation stability, even at low temperatures
  • Efficacy on-par with Roundup PowerMax and other K-salt glyphosate products
  • Labeled on all glyphosate-tolerant crops
  • Registered in all contiguous US States



EPA Reg. No.: 71368-122

Active Ingredients: Glyphosate, N-(phosphonomethyl) glycine, in the form of Potassium salt

Formulation: Soluble Liquid (SL)

WSSA Category: Group 9

Mode of Action: EPSPS / Amino Acid inhibitor

REI: 4 hours

EPA Signal Word: Caution

Restricted: No

Packaging: 2 X 2.5 Gal, 30 Gal, 265 Gal Tote, Bulk


Must include a DRA (drift reduction agent) when mixing with Engenia, Tavium and Xtendimax.

Before applying any Nufarm product, confirm that it is registered for use in your state. For specific application rates, directions, mixing instructions and precautions, read the product label. Please visit to download a full label.

Important: Always read and follow label directions. Credit® is a registered trademark of Nufarm. Engenia® is a registered trademark of BASF. Roundup PowerMax®, Roundup PowerMax® II and XtendiMax® are registered trademarks of Bayer Group. Enlist One® is a registered trademark of Corteva. Tavium® is a registered trademark of Syngenta Group Company.