Fascination® is an effective tool for more presentable, more marketable Easter and LA hybrid lilies, poinsettias and other ornamentals.


  • Improves shelf life, extending marketability
  • Advances plant growth while preserving appearance
  • Reduces leaf yellowing in lilies
  • Increases flower size, improves flower number



An effective dose of Fascination® PGR is strongly dependent on application volume. Plant response can vary if a given rate is applied at different spray volumes. Uniformity of spray solution is equally important. For foliar applications, uniformly apply 2 quarts of finished spray solution to 100 sq. ft. of bench area.

Differences in plant response to Fascination PGR due to differences in plant surfaces, leaf orientation, and plant structure are possible. Extreme temperatures can influence plant response to Fascination PGR. Apply Fascination PGR during morning or late afternoon hours when drying conditions are slower, and when plants are not under environmental stress.

Tank mixing of this product with another product, which is not specifically and expressly authorized by the label, shall be the exclusive risk of the user, applicator and/or application advisor.


DO NOT apply to plants under pest, nutritional, or water stress. Fascination PGR will not correct or substitute for treatment of pest, nutrient, or water stresses, all of which may result in lower leaf yellowing as a symptom.

The active ingredient in Fascination PGR is not readily translocated throughout the plant following applications. Thus, plant parts not covered with Fascination PGR will not be affected.

DO NOT apply this product through any type of irrigation system.

Avoid drift onto non-target species of plant tissues.

DO NOT mix Fascination PGR with pesticides or fertilizers.

Over-application results in accelerated growth and excessive elongation.

DO NOT apply Fascination PGR to any food crop.

DO NOT reuse soil or media from plants treated with Fascination PGR.

See label for complete application rates and recommendations.


EPA REG. NO.: 73049-41
ACTIVE INGR.: benzyladenine (1.8%), gibberellins (1.8%)
CHEM. FAMILY: gibberellins/cytokinin
REI: 4 hours
SIGNAL WORD: warning
PACKAGE SIZE: 4 x .5 gal case


Greenhouse ornamentals including lilies

(See product label for complete list)
Delays leaf yellowing, increases flower size and number, prolongs flowering, plant vigor and growth