New Lock Down™ SC Herbicide is a convenient, fast-acting liquid flumioxazin that provides excellent residual control of more than 100 broadleaf weeds in the maintenance of bare ground non-crop areas and conifer re-forestation sites. Lock Down SC controls a broad-spectrum of annual and grass weed challenges, including chickweed, foxtail, kochia, lambsquarters, pigweed, ragweed, thistle, spurge, and most broadleaf weeds resistant to glyphosate. Lock Down SC is ideal for weed control near and around guardrails, railroad beds, parking areas, storage areas, industrial sites, roadside and road surface areas where weeds need to be “locked down.” Use Lock Down SC during spring cleanup for long-lasting pre-emergence, or as a post-emergence tank mix partner for stronger knockdown performance.


  • Controls a broad-spectrum of annual broadleaf and grass weeds
  • Effective management of most broadleaf weeds resistant to glyphosate
  • Convenient liquid formulation makes mixing and loading faster and easier
  • Offers long-lasting pre-emergence residual control to keep sites clean
  • Can be used as a tank-mix partner for stronger post-emergence control


  • 2.5 gal container (2 per case)


  • flumioxazin (44.0%)