Nufarm Polaris SP is a liquid post-emergent herbicide that contains Imazapyr for effective management of grasses and broadleaf weeds plus many brush and vines species in order to prepare timber tracts for planting. Nufarm Polaris SP provides superb control to a wide variety of broadleaf weeds, brush and vine species and is an economical alternative to mechanical methods. The product encourages seedling survial by removing competition for sunlight, moisture, nutrients and rooting space.


  • Highly effective herbicide providing long-term control of a broad-spectrum of labeled species
  • Will control tough hardwoods like hickory, red oak, red maple and troublesome species like yellow poplar, black gum and sweetgum
  • Reduces risk of soil compaction or erosion while lowering fire risk
  • Can be applied from full leafout in spring through fall leafdrop
  • Because it’s a low-volume herbicide, it reduces herbicide usage
  • Promotes plan diversity and increased forage, favored by wildlife


  • 2 x 2.5 gal/case – 36 cases/pallet


  • Imazapyr (27.6%)

**Consult label for additional use and rate information