Now exclusively available from Nufarm, Pentia® Plant Regulator is tailor-made to enhance the yield potential of your cotton crop. Cotton growers investing in greater crop potential can turn to Pentia for improved rainfastness, height management, boll retention, earliness and yield potential compared to products containing mepiquat chloride. Pentia supports better fruit retention and height-to-node ratio, too – so put the proven profit-potential of Pentia in your pocket this season.


Acquired from BASF, Pentia will be offered exclusively by Nufarm for the 2021 crop year and beyond. Read the press release here.

Proven Performance

Pentia Packs On Yield Potential

  • Improved fruit retention and height-to-node ratio compared to mepiquat chloride
  • Rainfast in 2 hours or 1 hour with adjuvant
  • Fast absorption, 25% faster than mepiquat chloride
  • Enhanced boll set and earliness
  • Increased harvestable bolls and harvest efficiency


Major Crop/Use**

  • Cotton*
    *Not for use in California


  • 2 x 2.5 gal (2 per case)
  • 265 gal tote

**Consult label for additional crop and rate information

at-a-glance info

EPA REG. NO.: 228-750
ACTIVE INGR.: mepiquat pentaborate (9.6%)
CHEM. FAMILY: quaternary ammonium compound
FORMULATION: soluble liquid
MODE OF ACT.: plant growth regulator
SIGNAL WORD: caution