The tree, nut and vine specialist, Tuscany™ Herbicide takes out tough weeds with long-lasting residual control of more than 60 weeds. Tuscany stays where you put it; it won’t leach or volatilize. Plus, Tuscany offers excellent rotational flexibility. For excellent reliability, proven crop safety and dependable control in various weather conditions, count on Tuscany.

EPA Reg. No. : 71368-102
Active ingr. flumioxazin : (51.0%)
Formulation : water-dispersible granule
Chem. family : N-phenylphthalimides
Group : no. 14
Mode of act. : PPO inhibitor
REI : 12 hours
Signal Word : caution
Res. Use : no
Package size : 4 x 2.5 lb bottles/case,
48 cases/pallet

Key uses
Many crops including; almond, grape, mint,
pistachio, potato, non-bearing fruit and
nut trees, fallow land and to maintain bare
ground on non-crop areas of farms, orchards
and vineyards

Key Weeds controlled
(See product label for complete list)
Chickweeds (common)
Fleabane (hairy)
Groundsel (common)
Johnsongrass (seedling)
Lambsquarters (common)
Little mallow
London rocket
Mustard (wild)
Nightshades (black)
Pigweeds (redroot)
Prickly lettuce
Purslane (common)
Radish (wild)
Sowthistle (annual, prickly)
Waterhemps (common, tall)

Provides activity on:
Bluegrass (annual)
Crabgrass (large)
Downy brome
Lovegrass (California)
Panicums (fall)
Ryegrass (Italian)
Russian thistle
Smartweeds (Pennsylvania)