Morrisville, NC – April 3, 2023 – Based upon customer demand, Nufarm is launching Tourney® EZ Fungicide, a new liquid formulation for the spring 2023 season. Tourney EZ provides a much-needed new tool for fungicide resistance management.

“It is exciting to start 2023 by bringing Tourney EZ to the market. The launch continues to fulfill our mission to put the customer first and listen to their needs,” said Blaine Pinkerton, Vice President, Turf and Ornamental Sales in the US for Nufarm. “Our partners and applicators communicated this was a need, and we delivered.”

The new liquid Tourney EZ is a broad-spectrum DMI fungicide lasting up to 28 days for effective preventative applications on more than 16 tough turf and ornamental diseases − including turf diseases dollar spot, brown patch and fairy ring; ornamental diseases apple scab, anthracnose, leaf spots, powdery mildew and conifer blights.

Preventive and early curative applications of Tourney Fungicide are effective at controlling three tough turf diseases – anthracnose, brown patch and Fairy Ring – when applied as directed.
The new Tourney EZ Fungicide can be used by lawn care companies on commercial and residential landscapes, by golf course superintendents, sport turf managers, and sod farms on their turfgrass, as well as nursery, tree and arbor markets for ornamentals and non-bearing trees.

The new Tourney EZ Fungicide can be used for disease control in turfgrass on golf courses, sports turf and sod farms, lawn and landscape areas around residential, commercial, recreational areas, athletic fields.

The liquid formulation will have the same low use rate as the water-dispersible granule for both foliar and drench applications, allowing Tourney EZ users to do more with less, saving money on applications.

In 2014, Nufarm and Valent U.S.A. Corporation collaborated to expand access to Tourney in the US, and based upon a strong response from the market, worked to develop the new liquid Tourney EZ formulation.

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