Nufarm delivers powerful insecticide solutions to tackle lawn and landscape pests including chinch bugs, white grubs, emerald ash borers, and annual bluegrass weevils. Plus, our portfolio offers unique modes of action to support resistance management. Keep landscapes healthy and customers happy with enjoyable outdoor spaces.

Solution Spotlight: Aloft® LC Insecticide

With preventive and curative control, one application of Aloft® Insecticide effectively combats insect pests. Prevent troublesome surface- and soil-feeding turf pests – including white grubs – with a single early treatment or knock down existing pests with flexible application options from April to September.

Plus, Aloft LC SC attacks Red Imported Fire Ants. EPA approved for fire ant control, Aloft LC SC takes them down within seven days and lasting residual control keeps them down.

Help keep pets safe too. Aloft SC is an effective tool to control ticks that can carry harmful diseases.

Flexible Application Timing from Spring to Fall

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