Morrisville, NC – September 7, 2023 – Nufarm has announced the addition of SureGuard® Xtra Herbicide, a new dual-active formulation leveraging the proven post- and pre-emergence utility of SureGuard SC Herbicide plus pyroxasulfone to deliver two modes of action to manage weed resistance and gain powerful knockdown with longer lasting broad-spectrum weed control.

SureGuard Xtra offers a wide application window – used in the spring, summer or fall – to control emerged weeds up to 2” while adding residual pre-emergence control for up to eight months through a single, easy-to-use application rate.

“SureGuard Xtra builds on SureGuard SC’s proven historical performance to provide superior weed control in nursery ornamentals. With two active ingredients, this new formulation provides excellent control of grassy and broadleaf weeds while providing a longer residual,” said Nufarm’s US Greenhouse and Nursery Segment lead Heidi Warner. “SureGuard Xtra will save applicators both time and costs associated with reapplication.”

Now EPA approved, SureGuard Xtra is offered as part of the new Nufarm Edge Rewards Program and available for shipment this December in states where registered.

While tough on grasses, broadleaf weeds and kyllinga, SureGuard Xtra helps support more than 57 tolerant ornamental species and can be used on field-grown and container conifers (including Christmas trees), deciduous trees, and non-bearing fruit and nut trees.

For lawn care and landscape operators, SureGuard Xtra offers effective grass and broadleaf weed knockdown and residual weed control on bare ground and hardscape areas, landscape beds and around established woody landscape ornamentals.

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