Morrisville, NC (October 11, 2023): Anuew® EZ Plant Growth Regulator – a novel liquid formulation by Nufarm Americas Inc. – is now registered for use in 46 states, including Florida and New York. Anuew EZ is a flexible solution for golf course superintendents that offers easier application than granules with the additional benefits of labor savings and enhanced turf quality.

“At Nufarm, we’re committed to helping superintendents by providing them with technology and products that have the potential to transform the way they care for their turf,” said Blaine Pinkerton, vice president, turf and ornamental sales for Nufarm. “We knew that Anuew EZ would be a game-changing PGR, and it’s extremely gratifying to know that superintendents across the country will now be able to experience its advantages firsthand. Decades of research and development, field testing and collaboration have made this all possible, and we look forward to seeing the positive impact that Anuew EZ will have on courses nationwide.”


Anuew EZ PGR

Nufarm’s Anuew EZ liquid formulation is a late-stage GA inhibitor that delivers long-lasting growth regulation on cool-season turf and faster regulation on warm-season turf. As a result, superintendents and their crews spend less time mowing and generate fewer clippings. Anuew EZ’s technology also shifts carbohydrates to plant roots, improving turf density, color and appearance. Combined, all these benefits can help superintendents use fewer resources while still providing optimal conditions in an increasingly competitive golf course market.

Golf course superintendents are consistently asked to do more with less,” said Jeff Eldridge, Nufarm’s US golf segment lead. “Tight budgets, environmental pressures and a lack of available labor continue to make course maintenance very challenging. With Anuew EZ, Nufarm is providing superintendents with innovative, flexible, easy-to-apply technology that can help them overcome those challenges while still delivering high-quality turfgrass that contributes to a more attractive, playable golf course.

Anuew EZ is currently available through Nufarm’s Edge Rewards Program. Edge Rewards includes leading-edge product savings, new volume bonuses and solutions bundles across an extended program period to deliver more flexibility and value to turf and ornamental professionals. For details on the Nufarm Edge Rewards Program click here.

Anuew EZ is labeled for all major warm- and cool-season turf, including Common and Hybrid Bermudagrass, Zoysiagrass, St. Augustine, Paspalum, and Kikuyugrass as well as Bentgrass, Annual and Perennial Poa annua, Kentucky Bluegrass, Perennial, Ryegrass, and Tall and Fine Fescues.

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