Welcome! Thank you for your interest in our demonstration program for Anuew™ EZ Plant Growth Regulator. This program is an opportunity to apply and evaluate Anuew EZ in your own “real world” conditions.

Anuew EZ contains prohexadione-Ca in a new patent-pending liquid suspension concentrate formulation. This new formula, exclusively from Nufarm, brings you the convenience of liquid and the opportunity to build on the solution advantages Anuew WDG provided the golf course turf market. We’re confident that new EZ will help to save maintenance time and achieve more pristine surface conditioning.

Upon EPA approval, Nufarm will provide a half-gallon sample of Anuew EZ and assist you in establishing your trial area. If you’ve already been using Anuew WDG, you will familiarize yourself with the application rate conversion, which simply multiplies your Anuew WDG rate by 2.2x for the liquid Anuew EZ rate equivalent.

Eligibility Criteria & Requirements:

  • The demo program is intended for senior turf managers (eg. superintendent, assistant superintendent, sports field turf managers, etc.)
  • Distribution of the Anuew EZ 0.5 gal. sample will be limited to one per participating club or facility 

If selected, a Nufarm representative will be in touch to provide details about your Anuew EZ delivery (in-person or shipment) as well as product label and demo participation information.

If you have any questions regarding this demonstration program, please contact:

David Wells
Phone: 919-357-3132
Email: [email protected]