3336® DG Lite is formulated with patented granular dispersing technology. Mixed with water, the particles quickly disperse enabling easier and more consistent application as well as better penetration into the plant root zone.

fall crop DISEASE protection. 

Nufarm Technical Services Manager, Rick Fletcher, presents practical tools and tips for Fall Crop Disease Protection during Cultivate’19.

This session provides best practices and the ability of tools like 3336® and Spirato® GHN fungicides to effectively protect crops from profit-threatening diseases.




  • Superior patented dispersing granule technology
  • Contact with water causes rapid particle distribution
  • 150 SGN particle makes application easy and more consistent
  • Perfect match for today’s management styles



3336® DG Lite is a broad-spectrum fungicide exhibiting preventive, curative and systemic properties. It is useful on a wide variety of turf and ornamental disease problems. Apply 3336 DG Lite with ground based, hand operated (push) or mechanical (power) equipment sufficient to accurately deliver this product to the application site. Do not apply by hand or with hand held rotary spreader (e.g. bellygrinder). Application equipment should be properly calibrated prior to use. Application equipment should be thoroughly cleaned after use. If a rate range is given, use the higher rate under conditions of severe disease pressure. Contact your local State Extension service for recommendations for application schedules appropriate to your area. This product is not for homeowner use and can only be used by individuals/firms licensed or registered by the state to apply ornamental or turf pest control products. No claim of compatibility with other pesticides is implied. Do not apply this product through any type of irrigation system.

For use on all fine turf applications such as commercial, residential and public (such as home lawns, parks, athletic fields, schools, and daycare centers), and golf courses (greens, tees, fairways and aprons) of cool- and warm-season grasses such as bentgrass, bluegrass, bermudagrass, fescue, ryegrass, St. Augustine grass, zoysia grass or their mixtures. 3336 DG Lite is not phytotoxic to any of the above mentioned grasses when used in accordance with the label. 3336 DG Lite may be applied to dry or moist leaf/soil conditions and should be activated with irrigation or natural rainfall within 24 hours for best results. If irrigated, application should be watered in by applicator with 0.1-0.25 inches of water to begin activation of product for disease control. When treating golf greens, treatment of aprons is recommended. Use the highest recommended rate under conditions of severe disease pressure. Do not graze animals on treated turf. Do not feed clippings to livestock or poultry. Not for use on turf being grown for sale or other commercial use as sod.

RATES: Maximum Individual Application Rates
Residential or Public Areas………………………… 3 lbs /1000 sq ft
Golf Course Tees, Greens, Aprons……………….. 9 lbs /1000 sq ft
Golf Course Fairways (Except Florida)…………… 6 lbs /1000 sq ft
Golf Course Fairways (Florida Only)……………… 3 lbs /1000 sq ft

To avoid the development of tolerant strains of fungi, 3336 DG Lite should be used with fungicides of different modes-of-action. Nufarm does not recommend the use of products containing thiabendazole in combination or rotation with 3336 DG Lite. These utilize a similar chemistry and mode-of-action and can contribute to development of disease tolerance. If, after using 3336 DG Lite as recommended, the treatment is not effective, a tolerant strain of fungi may be present. Consult your local Nufarm representative, your State Agricultural Experiment Station, or your State Cooperative Extension Service for proper disease identification and advice on the prompt use of some other suitable fungicide or disease control strategy. As long as recommended precautions are followed, 3336 DG Lite can remain useful for disease control.

See label for complete application rates and recommendations.


EPA REG. NO. : 1001-70
ACTIVE INGR. : thiophanate-methyl (2.08%)
CHEM. FAMILY: thiophanate
SIGNAL WORD: caution
PACKAGE SIZE: 30 lb bag


Annual and perennial flowers
Athletic fields
Bedding and foliage plants
Commercial and residential turf
Deciduous and evergreen trees and shrubs
Golf courses (greens, tees, fairways)

(See product label for complete list)
Cool-season brown patch
Dollar spot
Fusarium blight/patch
Gray leaf spot
Large brown patch
Leaf spot
Necrotic ring spot
Red thread
Spring dead spot
Pink snow mold
Zoysia patch