3336® EG is a broad spectrum systemic fungicide that delivers unparalleled control in a revolutionary formulation. 3336 EG combines the power of thiophanate-methyl with the convenience of an extruded granular formulation for control of troublesome plant diseases such as Rhizoctonia. A low-dust extruded granule with quick-dissolve properties, 3336 EG extends many benefits to the user including easy measuring and easy mixing. Most importantly, 3336 EG allows for spray program customization based on individual coverage and disease control needs.

WE HAVE A SOLUTION. Take control, not guesses with 3336 EG fungicide. This easy-measure, easy-mix formula offers a scalable solution for spray program customization based on individual control needs.

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fall crop DISEASE protection. 

Nufarm Technical Services Manager, Rick Fletcher, presents practical tools and tips for Fall Crop Disease Protection during Cultivate’19.

This session provides best practices and the ability of tools like 3336® and Spirato® GHN fungicides to effectively protect crops from profit-threatening diseases.




  • Broad-spectrum disease control for ornamentals
  • Systemic mode of action
  • Full chemigation label
  • Easy to measure and mix extruded granular
  • Tank-mix compatible with most commonly used pesticides


  • Controls a variety of foliar, stem, and root diseases on a wide range of commercially important plants, including many edibles
  • Effective as a pre-plant dip on cuttings and bulbs
  • Use for annual and perennial flowers, bedding and foliage plants, deciduous and evergreen trees and shrubs, groundcover, and shade or lathhouse



3336® EG is a broad spectrum systemic fungicide which controls a variety of foliar, stem, and root diseases on a wide range of commercially important plants. 3336 EG is also effective as a pre-plant dip on cuttings and bulbs. For soil drench applications, best crop protection is achieved with preventive treatments repeated every 21-28 days. For foliar applications, begin treatments when disease first appears, or during suspected periods of disease incidence. Apply additional applications every 7-14 days or as otherwise instructed for the prevention or control of the listed diseases. For best results, use a wetting agent for plants that have leaves that are difficult to wet properly. Use of a spreader-sticker may enhance product performance in wet weather conditions or during periods of overhead irrigation. 3336 EG may be applied as a ground application using hand held, mechanical or motorized spray equipment, or as a chemigation spray or through an applicable sprinkler irrigation system; or as an overhead application where applicable.



Apply material with properly calibrated, hand held, mechanical or motorized spray equipment or by chemigation through appropriate sprinkler irrigation, flood, or drip systems. Begin applications when disease first appears and repeat at 7-14 day intervals or as needed during the growing season. Use the shortest interval when conditions are unusually favorable for the development of disease. For hand held, mechanical, or motorized applications mix 5.7-17.1 oz of 3336 EG per 100 gal water and apply as a full coverage spray to drip. Spray volume may range up to 400 gallons of finished spray per acre depending upon plant species and plant growth stage. For applications through irrigation systems, refer to use rates indicated in the foliar application chart found in the product label.

See label for complete directions for use.


DO NOT apply to home orchards/fruit trees after fruit set.
DO NOT apply with fixed wing or rotary aircraft.
DO NOT exceed 36 lbs active ingredient per acre per crop season for foliar applications.
DO NOT exceed 300 lbs active ingredient per acre per crop season for soil drench applications.

See label for complete application precautions and restrictions.



To avoid the development of tolerant strains of fungi, 3336 EG should be used with fungicides of different modes of action. Do not use products containing thiabendazole in combination or rotation with 3336 EG. These utilize similar chemistry and mode of action and can contribute to development of disease tolerance. If, after using 3336 EG as specified, the treatment is not effective, a tolerant strain of fungi may be present. Consult your local Nufarm representative, your State Agricultural Experiment Station, or your State Cooperative Extension Service for proper disease identification and advice on the prompt use of some other suitable fungicide or disease control strategy. As long as recommended precautions are followed, 3336 EG can remain useful for disease control.

EPA REG. NO.: 1001-89
ACTIVE INGR.: thiophanate-methyl (50%)
FORMULATION: water-dispersible granule
CHEM. FAMILY: thiophanates
REI: 12 hours
PACKAGE SIZE: 4 x 5 lb
APPLICATION: spray, drench, drip


Annual and perennial flowers
Bedding and foliage plants
Deciduous and evergreen trees and shrubs
Shade or lathhouse

(See product label for complete list)
Black spot of rose
Leaf spots and blights
Powdery mildews
Rust diseases
Venturia leaf scabs