New Engulf™ GHN Greenhouse and Ornamental Miticide delivers effective mite control with an advanced, higher concentration formula. Labeled for application at lower use rates (for example, Floramite® SC at 4–8 fl oz vs Engulf GHN at 2–4 fl oz), Engulf GHN supports both mixing convenience and reduced visible residue. Its novel mode-of-action provides quick knockdown and lasts up to 28 days on 18 common mite pests, including grass, red, and two-spotted spider mites. Engulf GHN is tough on mite pests, yet beneficial-friendly to more than 11 predaceous mites and insects. Plus, it complements proven Minx™ 2 Miticide/Insecticide and TetraSan® 5 WDG Miticide/Ovicide solutions to bring growers our most powerful mite rotation program yet. Engulf GHN may be used in greenhouse and shadehouse ornamental crops, greenhouse-grown tomatoes, and conifer plantation and nursery settings.

Our Most Powerful Mite Program Yet

Team NEW Engulf GHN with proven TetraSan and Minx 2 to knock down mites at every life stage. With three unique actives in play, this rotation helps hold back resistance.


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Quick knockdown + lasting 28-day control with low use rates and beneficial safety

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Systemic action reaches mites on leaf undersides + it’s easy on beneficials

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Water-based abamectin offers daytime-use flexibility and a caution signal word

This six week mite control program ensures two modes of action,
with multiple life cycle attacks, are always in rotation.

at-a-glance info

EPA REG. NO.: 228-748
ACTIVE INGR.: bifenazate (43.2%)
FORMULATION: soluble concentrate
CHEM. FAMILY: carbazates
SIGNAL WORD: caution
PACKAGE SIZE:  16 fl oz

key uses

  • Greenhouse ornamentals
  • Shadehouse ornamentals
  • Greenhouse tomatoes
  • Christmas tree + conifer plantation and nursery settings

key pests controlled

Broad-spectrum mite control against 18 common mites, including:

  • Citrus red mite
  • Lewis mite
  • Pacific spider mite
  • Southern red mite
  • Two-spotted spider mite
  • Willamette

(See product label for complete list)

advanced formula + higher concentration

  • Product formulated for lower-use-rate application
  • Reduced potential for visible residue
  • Easier mixing with less product to measure and agitate
  • Concentrate formula comes in smaller container to lessen storage needs and packaging recycling

Powerful control with novel moa

  • Quick mite knockdown and lasting 28-day control
  • Broad-spectrum mite control against 18 common mites

Beneficial-Friendly Solution

  • No adverse affect on 11 beneficial/predaceous mites and insects

use summary


Engulf GHN may be applied to ornamental foliage for knockdown and residual control of mites on ornamental plants (including ornamental bulb crops, bedding plants, ornamental foliage and flowering plants, perennials, shrubs and trees). The plants may be grown in the ground or in pots. Engulf GHN  provides residual control for up to 28 days. Use the lower listed rates when mite pressure is low or for preventative applications; and use the higher rates when mite pressure is severe or for residual control. Apply as soon as mites appear. 

Mix 2-4 fluid ounces of this product per 100 gallons of water (1/8 – 1/4 teaspoon per gallon of water). Apply 1-4 quarts of the mixture per 100 square feet (100-400 gallons per acre) to the foliage using ground spray equipment (including, air blast, compressed air, ground boom, hose-end and hydraulic sprayers). The spray volume used is dependent on the size of the plants being treated, with larger plants requiring greater spray volumes. 

Coverage of ornamentals with hard-to-wet foliage may be improved by using an adjuvant to the spray mixture. Silwet 77® or Sylgard 309® at a rate of 4 ounces per 100 gallons of water has been found to be effective. As with any tank mixture, test the compatibility and safety of any adjuvants in a small-scale trial prior to widespread use.

DO NOT apply Engulf GHN more than two times per calendar year.

DO NOT apply more than 16 fluid ounces of this product per acre per calendar year.

DO NOT apply this product by aerial application.


Use Restrictions

DO NOT plant another crop within 30 days after last application of this product. Planting within 30 days of last application increases the likelihood of bifenazate residues appearing in rotational crops.

DO NOT exceed the maximum amount of bifenazate allowed per crop per calendar year. This applies to all product(s) containing bifenazate that are applied to the crop in a calendar year.

DO NOT use adjuvants in tank mixtures that will be applied to greenhouse tomatoes.

DO NOT apply to greenhouse tomatoes within 3 days of harvest (3-day PHI).

See label for complete application rates and recommendations.