Consistent and reliable, Sumagic® delivers more marketable, attractive and compact ornamentals with an increased shelf life.



  • Encourages denser, compact growth
  • Increases plant shelf life
  • Broad label offers flexible use
  • Produces plants with denser, more consistent compact growth with increased plant shelf life
  • No phytotoxicity when used according to label directions


Sumagic may be applied through four different application methods: Foliar Spray, Drench, Bulb or Cutting Dip, and as a Pre-Plant Application to the Soil Surface.

Sumagic is an extremely active plant growth regulator. Caution must be exercised in measuring, diluting, and applying Sumagic. Excessive doses will result in severe growth retardation and possible adverse effects on flowering, plant appearance, quality and marketability.

Differences in plant response to Sumagic due to plant surface area in relation to soil surface area are possible. Extreme temperatures can influence plant response to Sumagic.

It is recommended that Sumagic be applied during morning or late afternoon hours, or when plants are not under environmental stress. Sumagic retards elongation almost immediately after application. Assessment of rate response for most species can be made within five to seven days after treatment. If desired results are not evident, reapplication or an increase rate may be warranted.

Temperature and light level are important factors in determining the proper application rate of Sumagic. In general lower rates and fewer applications are required for plants grown in lower temperatures/less light intensity and higher rates and/or more applications are required for plants grown in higher temperatures/higher light intensity. Data from experiments used to make recommendations found in this label were generated in northern and southern climates for most plant species.

Cultural practices may affect the plant(s) response to Sumagic. Plants which are grown at close spacing or in small pots and using high water and fertility levels may require an increase in the amount of Sumagic needed. The media in which the plants are grown can influence the effectiveness of plant growth regulator drench applications. Sumagic drench applications will be less active in growing media with high amount of pine bark.

Different varieties or cultivars within a given plant species may require a higher or lower rate of Sumagic. Taller, more vigorous varieties generally require more chemical than do the shorter, less vigorous varieties. Growers should consult with plant and seed suppliers regarding vigor and other growth characteristics for newly released varieties.

DO NOT apply Sumagic under conditions that can cause drift to food, forage or other plantings that might be damaged or the crops thereof rendered unfit for sale, use or consumptions.

Avoid spray drift onto non-target species.

DO NOT apply directly to soil or plants/pots in direct contact with soil in Greenhouses, Lathouses or Shadehouses with soil flooring of high porosity and low organic content.

This product has a potential to leach into groundwater or to run off into surface water.

Apply Sumagic to well watered vigorously growing plants.

Application to media containing pine bark will reduce Sumagic activity.

DO NOT mix Sumagic with pesticides, fertilizers, wetting agents, spreader stickers or other adjuvants.

DO NOT apply Sumagic to any food crops.

DO NOT reuse soil from plants treated with Sumagic.

See label for complete application rates and recommendations.


EPA REG. NO.: 59639-37
ACTIVE INGR.: uniconzole-P (.055%)
CHEM. FAMILY: triazole
REI: 12 hours
SIGNAL WORD: warning
PACKAGE SIZE: 4 x 1 gal, 15 gal drum


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