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Nufarm announces approval of Mycoshield to reduce HLB and canker threat in citrus

[July 10, 2019] Morrisville, N.C. – Nufarm announced that Mycoshield®, a valuable tool to fruit disease management programs, has received EPA approval for use in treating citrus canker and HLB, also known as citrus greening or greening disease, that affect citrus fruit. Mycoshield has previously received Section 18 specific exemptions for citrus use. The new sec 3 (c)(5) label permits use through December 4, 2025.

“This approval is a step forward in helping growers confront the serious impact of HLB on citrus tree health,” said Dan Beran, Nufarm technical services director.

The approved label use for citrus is in addition to previously approved label uses for Mycoshield to treat fire blight in apples and pears, as well as bacterial spot in peaches and nectarines.

When used in conjunction with other products, Mycoshield is particularly useful in resistance management programs. Mycoshield can be used in combination or rotation with other bactericides, including Agri-Mycin® 50 for apples and pears. It is compatible with most pesticides commonly used in an orchard.

Mycoshield is most effective during periods of active leaf flushing, which generally peaks in spring and fall. This timing also corresponds to greater activity of HLB in plant tissues vs. summer when bacteria levels may drop naturally.

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