Scorch™ is uniquely formulated with three active ingredients to knock down kochia plus more than 60 annual and more than 50 biennial/perennial weeds – even those resistant to multiple herbicide classes. Specifically designed with glyphosate-resistant and dicamba-tolerant kochia in mind, Scorch is the ideal herbicide solution for tough kochia control. Scorch is labeled for use on cereal grains, field corn, sorghum, range & pasture, and more. Made with 2,4-D ester, dicamba and fluroxypyr, Scorch better handles challenging cool weather conditions. Plus, it delivers excellent efficacy.

Knock Down Kochia

  • Unique premix of three actives results in excellent control of the toughest broadleaf weeds – including herbicide-resistant species
  • True systemic control: kills weeds above and below ground
  • Ideal herbicide option where dicamba- or glyphosate-resistant kochia is a threat
  • Optimized ratio enhances spectrum and control on more than 100 broadleaf weeds
  • Scorch is tank mix compatible with many K salt herbicides, fertilizers, and other products for increased convenience

EPA REG. NO. : 71368-117
ACTIVE INGR. : dicamba acid (10.43%), 2,4-D ester (47.51%), fluroxypyr ester (11.27%)
CHEM. FAMILY: phenoxycarboxylic acid, pyridinecarboxylic acid, benzoic acid
MODE OF ACT. : synthetic auxin growthregulator
PACKAGE SIZE: 2.5 gal container (2 per case), 265 gal tote


**Consult label for additional crop and rate information