Lodging in cereals crops can result in a loss of quality, additional drying costs and slower combining. PGRs reduce the risk of lodging. Using the right PGR for the right growth stage can optimise your plants performance. Nufarm’s STABILAN 750, OPTIMUS and EPHON TOP give a comprehensive range of solutions for whatever your PGR challenge may be.


Maximise yields

Stabilan 750

750 g/l chlormequat chloride

An aid in reducing lodging and maintaining grain yield and quality in wheat, barley and other cereals.

Stabilan 750 has been around since 3 decades and chlormequat is the most widely used PGR for cereal crops in the world with millions of ha treated every year.

Ephon Top

660 g/l ethephon

New and only high strength formulation of ethephon. Lower application rate, less packaging for disposal and time saving in filling and mixing sprayer.

New crops on the label: Durum wheat; Spelt; Spring Rye & Spring Wheat.



175 g trinexapac-ethyl

Highly effective formulation of trinexapac-ethyl providing one of the most consistent cereal plant growth regulator available for proactive lodging management and crop physiology improvement in cereal crops.

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Maximise profitability

Prevents Yield Loss

Utilise PGRs to combat lodging

PGRs are synthetic plant hormones which can strengthen the areas such as the stem and roots/ Which results in a reduced risk of lodging and a sturdier plant.

Increases Yield

Proven performance with cereals

  • Increased targeted nitrogen applications possible
  • Decreased drought stress
  • More harvestable grains
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Match different timings

Practical and flexible

PGRs are most effective in good growing conditions. Splitting applications increases the chance of matching application timing with appropriate growing conditions.

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Effective in a program

Integrated approach to crop management

Nufarm is the only company able to provide complete PGR programmes for wheat and barley and in the following slides we have put together some suggested programmes. 

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