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The 2ha site has been part of a broad arable rotation for many years, which has resulted in an incredibly diverse seedbank enabling a unique opportunity for innovative research into the control of broad-leaved weeds.

This platform will then enable us to look at the specific challenges around management of specific key weeds

The control of these weeds is often taken for granted as many species are unconsciously controlled by pre-emergence programmes that target grassweeds, however the other side of the horizon is unclear, and we must prepare for the future.


As part of this partnership, this site, from which 31 weed species have already been recorded, will play host to a range of trials with the purpose of optimising the control of broad-leaved weeds in a manner which aligns with the principles of Integrated Weed Management.

NIABs weed management expert, John Cussans at the Hinxton site.


“We need to get a better grasp on the changing population dynamics of broad-leaved weeds under different systems, so we will continue our work into these larger top-level changes” explains NIABs weed management specialist John Cussans, “This platform will then enable us to look at the specific challenges around management of specific key weeds”.


This will include the evaluation of combined control strategies, herbicide programmes and core concepts to maximise the herbicides that we do have. Which include application timing. “Timing of spring herbicides for broad-leaved weeds has always been tricky to get right, as each year is so different” says Nufarm Business Development Manager – Laurence Power, “We hope to build a set of data that helps growers to get these decisions right, based on the weeds that are present, size of weed and the conditions around applications”.

NIAB experts take Nufarm teaa mates around the diverse weeds site

NIABs John Cussans (far left) and Will Smith (centre right) take Nufarm representatives Chris Pye (far right) and Laurence Power (centre left) on a tour of the site.

Regular updates of the site will be made throughout the season, culminating in a summer event to demonstrate the site when in full bloom.



About NIAB: NIAB is at the centre of innovation in crop science in the UK and across the world. NIAB is unique as an independent, science-based crop research organisation working across plant science, crop evaluation and agronomy, and ensuring these advances are transferred effectively onto farm. For 100 years, NIAB has worked proudly to improve agricultural and horticultural crop production.

About Nufarm: Nufarm is a global leader in phenoxy chemistry, along with sulphonyl urea, fops, dim and the Nufarm advanced salt glyphosate chemistry. Along with a range of fungicides, insecticides and other novel proprietary agronomic solutions for the future.

Visit the Diverse Weeds open day – 6th June

Following the success of our 2022 event NIAB welcomes visitors back to the 2023 Diverse Weeds Open Day, with a demonstration of the research work into sustainable management of broad-leaved weeds undertaken by NIAB.

Lordship Farm, North End Road, Hinxton,
Cambridgeshire CB10 1RE
Location: What3Words:///with.geek.scrapped
10.00am start