Spraywise is a comprehensive stewardship programme for all sectors, including grassland and arable production. Nufarm have put together a 7-part video series which details best practice through the entire spraying journey, from stores to washing out in field. There will be 4 NRoSO points or 2 BASIS points available after you’ve watched this series. With the aid of Tom Robinson and special thanks to Iain Robertson and John Martin, this initial Spraywise content provides guidance and user-friendly decision-support tools to determine when and how to apply the correct inputs, optimising performance on target crops, at the same time minimising environmental impacts and maximising your return on investment.

Watched the videos? Unfortunately registrations for the training are now closed.

Introduction, stores and store management

Part 1: 12 min

Tom Robinson talks to Iain Robertson and John Martin on setting up and managing your chemical stores.

Planning & filling the sprayer ft. Easyconnect

Part 2: 10 min

Before heading out into the field, here’s some key points on filling up your sprayer.



Part 3: 3 min

Biofilters or Biobeds, are a viable and important tool in spraying stewardship.

Sprayer setup, maintenance & nozzles

Part 4: 9 min

Before spraying here are some top tips on setting up your sprayer.

Best practice in field


Part 5: 6 min

Tom, Iain and John cover best advice and recommendation when you start spraying.

Washing out in field


Part 6: 6 min

An active demonstration and best advice on washing out in field.



Part 7: 3 min

Tom gives a brief summary of key topics from parts 1-6.