SEALICIT with PSI ® 759 Precision Technology is a novel biostimulant that reduces pod shatter in oilseed rape and enhances yield via a single foliar application before flowering.

Conveniently applied with other crop protection inputs, SEALICIT’s systemic activity protects pods throughout the canopy right from the moment they form, fine-tuning gene expression that results in reduced seed shedding prior to harvest.

SEALICIT delivers:

  • Targeted effects – PSI® 759 Precision Technology leads to physiological changes in developing plant tissues.
  • Guaranteed quality – CE mark awarded for independently verified crop effects; every batch tested to ensure consistent efficacy.
  • Flexibility – wide application window, more flexible desiccation and harvest timings.
  • Improved pod integrity – reduced tendency to split during ripening; lower losses in the event of harvest difficulties or delays.


"SEALICIT delivers targeted effects, which sets it apart from other Ascophyllum-based products. Applications made to crops before flowering down-regulate IND and lignification in the pod valve margins to improve seed retention."

Paul Cartwright, Product Development Manager

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Application timing is highly flexible – a single spray before flowering is all that’s needed, conveniently tank-mixed with other crop protection products.  SEALICIT can be applied from BBCH 15 in OSR – Nufarm recommend applying 1.0 l/ha from stem extension (BBCH 30) until before flowering (BBCH 55) for best effects.






SEALICIT carries the CE mark as a sign of assured quality,
giving confidence in the performance of this innovative crop protection solution. 

Every claim on the label has been independently verified.  To earn and carry a CE mark, products must show causation & outcome.  We have conducted 90+ trials with SEALICIT  to ensure predictable & reliable performance in your crops.




The physiological effects from a SEALICIT application made to OSR before flowering are targeted, specifically resulting in firmer, less fragile pods with better retention of seeds under stress conditions.  Extensive pod sampling from field trials and subsequent Random Impact Testing has repeatedly demonstrated the benefits. 
Unlike other pod protection solutions with a physical mode of action (e.g. latex polymer stickers), all pods throughout the crop canopy benefit from SEALICIT’s ability to reduce the stiffer, lignified valve tissues that would otherwise increase pressure to split pods open for natural seed dispersal.


SEALICIT is compatible with a wide range of commonly used crop protection inputs applied in the spring, before flowering, such as fungicides applied during stem extension. 

Always add SEALICIT to the spray water first and allow to disperse fully before inducting any other products.  Where compatible trace elements are required in addition, these must be added to the tank last.

For further tank mixing guidance, please speak to Nufarm’s technical team.





SEALICIT is a plant biostimulant with a systemic mode of action that physiologically reduces pod shattering and aids uniform ripening prior to harvesting.  It achieves this by downregulating IND, the master regulator gene responsible for pod shatter in oilseed rape.  With IND downregulated, lignification in the dehiscence zone (predetermined breaking point on pods) is reduced, which makes pods firmer and stronger, delaying the natural tendency to shatter.

PSI® Precision: Plant Signal Induction technology provides the ability to finetune the bioactivity of Aschphyllum nodosum extracts to produce highly consistent biological products with the predictable performance of a conventional agrochemical.


SEALICIT’s plant signalling molecules are derived from carbohydrates extracted from Ascophyllum nodosum, harvested from intertidal populations in the North Atlantic.  Extensive surveys have been carried out to ensure these fields are not depleted or negatively impacted by the periodic harvesting of source materials.







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