Latin: Lolium multiflorum

Other names: Italian ryegrass

Family: Poaceae

Latin: Fallopia convolvulus

Other names: wild buckwheat

Family: Polygonaceae

Charlock Nufarm weed control

Latin: Sinapis arvensis

Other names: Wild mustard, field mustard

Family: Brassicaceae

Latin: Stellaria media

Other names: Common chickweed, starweed, satin flower

Family: Caryophyllaceae

Cleaver Nufarm

Latin: Galium aparine

Other names: Goosegrass, catchweed

Family: Rubiaceae

Latin: Glebionis segetum

Other names: Field marigold, chrysanthemum segetum

Family: Asteraceae

Latin: Rumex spp.

Other names: Curled dock, broadleaf dock, sorrel

Family: Polygonaceae

Latin: Chenopodium album

Other names: Lamb’s quarters, white goosefoot

Family: Amaranthaceae

Latin: Aethusa cynapium

Other names: Dog’s parsley, small hemlock

Family: Apiaceae

Latin: Fumaria officinalis

Other names: Common fumitory, earth smoke

Family: Papaveraceae

dealing with Groundsel Nufarm

Latin: Senecio vulgaris

Other names: Old-man-in-the-spring, common groundsel

Family: Asteraceae

Source: Edited with Weed title

Latin: Galeopsis spp.

Other names: Common hempnettle, red hempnettle

Family: Lamiaceae

Latin: Veronica hederifolia

Other names: Ivy-leaved speedwell, creeping speedwell

Family: Plantaginaceae

Latin: Polygonum aviculare

Other names: Birdweed, pigweed

Family: Polygonaceae

Latin: Matricaria spp.

Other names: Scented mayweed, false chamomile

Family: Asteraceae

Latin: Urtica dioica

Other names: Stinging nettle

Family: Urticaceae

Latin: Viola tricolor

Other names: Heartsease, wild pansy

Family: Violaceae

Latin: Papaver spp.

Other names: Field poppy, corn poppy

Family: Papaveraceae

Latin: Senecio jacobaea

Other names: Common ragwort, tansy ragwort

Family: Asteraceae

Latin: Sisymbrium officinale

Other names: Hedge mustard, wild mustard

Family: Brassicaceae

Shepherds Purse broad leaved weed control

Latin: Capsella bursa-pastoris

Other names: Lady’s purse, mother’s heart

Family: Brassicaceae

Latin: Cirsium spp. and Carduus spp.

Other names: Spear thistle, creeping thistle, milk thistle

Family: Asteraceae

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