480 g/l bentazone. A post-emergence herbicide for broad leaved weed control in broadacre and horticulture crops.

A soluble concentrate containing 480 g/litre (40.3% w/w) bentazone as the sodium salt.

A herbicide for post emergence broad leaved weed control in spring and winter field beans, broad, dwarf french, navy and runner beans, linseed, peas, ornamental plant production and potatoes.


  • Wide range of agricultural and horticultural crops on the label
  • Specific tank mix with Tropotox in peas giving a broad spectrum of post emergence weed control
  • Unique weed control spectrum controlling some difficult weeds such as Cranesbill
  • Can be used post emergence in a range of bean crops

Know the Bentazone Risk – Planning & Mapping Tool

Identification of the high risk areas has taken a big step forward with the campaigns new mapping tool. 

Access the planning & mapping tool

This new tool allows users to quickly identify risk in a select area, allowing for better preparation and understanding of when and where to apply bentazone.