600 g/kg Tribenuron-methyl + 200 g/kg Florasulam. A post-emergence herbicide for the control of cleavers and other broad leaved weeds in cereals.

A water dispersible granule (WG) formulation containing 600 g/kg (60% w/w) Tribenuron-methyl and 200 g/kg (20% w/w) Florasulam.

Certain weeds have caused farmers and agronomists headaches for years, such as ALS chickweed, corn marigold, fumitory spp, groundsel, mayweeds, polygonums, poppies and many more.
Nufarm’s BOLT is the perfect solution to control these difficult weeds in both winter & spring cereals.
BOLT’s novel formulation has been trialled for over 5 years in spring cereals (spring barley & oats) and has proved to be extremely effective in controlling these problematic weeds & with the correct partner will provide complete BLW control.

Benefits of BOLT:

• An innovative co-formulation containing two complimentary active ingredients: 200g/kg florasulam + 600g/kg tribenuron (WG)
• Mode of action – inhibition of ALS
HRAC/WSSA group 2 (Legacy HRAC B)
• Delivers 5 g florasulam + 15 g tribenuron at full rate (25 g/ha)
• Broad spectrum BLW control including cleavers
• Excellent activity on weeds, even in colder conditions
• Paramount Max should be mixed with a non-ALS herbicide to prevent ALS resistance
• Earliest application: BBCH 13, not before 15th March
• Latest applications: BBCH 39 (winter), BBCH 32 (spring)