540 g/l Glyphosate (dual salt technology)

Dual Salt Technology

For use pre-harvest in cereals and certain other crops, destruction of grassland, and in stubbles, orchards, green cover on land not being used for production, forestry and noncrop areas.

This product is a soluble concentrate containing 540 g/L Glyphosate (acid equivalent) present as 400.8 g/L (30.8% w/w) of the isopropylamine salt and 299 g/L (23.0% w/w) of the potassium salt of Glyphosate.

Benefits of using Crestler:

• Earlier harvest. Applications of glyphosate pre-harvest have been shown to allow combining up to seven days earlier than untreated crops.
• Reduced sieving and threshing losses, as well as increased combine throughput.
• Reduced drying costs.
• Reduced shedding losses.
• Preservation of grain quality